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Gold Coast Location


The Gold Coast location was the first of The Chicago FIX locations. It set the standard for the all of our locations going forward. With an inviting atmosphere, gone is the doctor’s office of the past with sterile colors and forbidding health fact posters. Instead, you’ll find a comfortable setting where the walls are vibrant and adorned with the artwork of local Chicago artists and photographers.
alternative and conventional treatment options for all your ailments. Whether it’s your bones, joints, muscles, or soft tissue, it’s the FIX, a one stop pain-killing shop. With our “The FIT at The FIX” sports training facility within our 6000 sqft location, we are here for all your needs.

Our Team

Our team of doctors, therapists, technician and support staff work in unison to provide the best possible care to our patients. Each of our professionals undergoes ongoing training and education in the latest treatment options. Our friendly staff is always ready to provide excellent patient care.

We at The Chicago FIX are committed to utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology available to treat your ailment swiftly, safely, and successfully, providing the best healthcare and therapy to Chicago.


Some of the ailments we typically treat are lower back pain, stiffness, headaches and migraines. We also treat sciatica,  TMJ and carpal tunnel. All of the doctors here at The Chicago FIX are qualified to treat sports injuries such as sprains and strains as well as personal and worker’s compensation injuries.

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Dr. Odisho
Elisha MT
Amanda MT
Mark MT
Dr. Neo

sports rehab
massage therapy
auto/work injuries
spinal traction
neck/low back spinal decompression
low back flexion/distraction
Game Ready cryo/compression injury therapy
running shoe orthotics
electric muscle stimulation
ART stretching technique
PIR stretching technique
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Weight Loss Therapy

Insurance We Accept:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Choice
Humana Gold
Humana Plus
Aetna, PPO, POS
United Health Care
Local Unions


Contact Us:
Phone: 855 4 THE FIX (855.484.3349)


Visit Us:
1360 Sandberg Terrace
Chicago, Il. 60654


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