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1271088781My BPD surgery was performed in Santander (Spain) in September of 2005 where my family resides. At the time I weighted 323 lbs, and today I weight 158 lbs. All year in 2007 I could already walk normally and do most of the things that a person of regular size can do. This was marvelous for me. I was able to walk the streets of the Europeans cities again. In Chicago, as a real estate broker, I was able to go up and down the stairs of buildings I was showing to my clients. That was also a blessing since I had lost that ability. Not experiencing any more pain in my knees, my back my feet was unbelievable. But not all was resolved. At that point, after having lost 165 lbs, I was experiencing a new type of discomfort: Excess skin all over my body: My abdomen, my legs, my lower and upper body. That skin was heavy and very uncomfortable. I had a much smaller body size, but smaller clothes did not always fit.

I realized that the time to do the bariatric reconstruction had arrived, but did not know where to go, whom to call, where to start, and all the TV shows related to this topic made it intimidating. Listening to some surgeons made it worse. Some were not approachable, used complicated terminology and made me give up.

In May 2007 I attended an Obesity Help seminar in Detroit, and Dr. Sayeg was the presenter of the reconstructive surgery for us. All his explanations were compared and applied to the post-op bariatric patients pointing out some of the differences in healing between us and the non bariatric patients. He caught my attention. As soon as I returned to Chicago, I called his office to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Dr. Sayeg and Karen, his wonderful nurse were excellent in analyzing my needs, and Sue, his Manager was the most understanding and accommodating to my needs given that I was an out of town patient. I had the first part of my surgery completed exactly one week after my evaluation meeting which would have never been possible without the psychological support I received from every single person in Dr. Sayeg’s office.

Between June 2007 and March 2008, Dr. Sayeg did all my body reconstruction in 3 parts since he does not believe in having his patients in very long surgery sessions. He removed a total of 34 lbs of excess skin from my body. Now I wear the same size clothes (some we share) as my teenager daughter.

Having my family in Spain, my friends in Chicago and nobody in Michigan, Dr. Sayeg’s staff have helped me as a family member in times I did not have the help I needed the days following my surgeries going out of their way to make sure I had all I needed.

Dr. Sayeg’s abilities as a surgeon, the care provided by his staff and the excellent results after the total reconstruction of my body make me now a happy and optimistic patient who will be for ever grateful.

Elena J.



Height – 5’9
Preop Weight – 440lbs
Size – 32W or 4X
Current Weight – 155lbs
Size – 8
Total Weight Loss – 300lbs and then stabilized at 285lbs

I went to see Dr. Sayeg because of his great reputation and skilled work that I had seen. When I got to the office, the staff was so friendly, it was like walking into a group of friends I hadn’t see in awhile; very caring, friendly and helpful. Then I met the doctor and he more than lived up to his reputation. Being that I had lost such a large amount of weight I was happy with my appearance in clothing but the skin was a source of insecurity. Dr. Sayeg made me feel very comfortable and was honest with me about what needed to be done and how he would accomplish it and he gave me very realistic expectations. I had a breast lift with silicone implants, arm lift, lower body lift including a tummy tuck. These surgeries were split into to 2 separate surgeries because Dr. Sayeg does what is best for his patients and limits the time under anesthesia. I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend Sayeg Plastic Surgery Center.



1271088855I had gastric bypass at Bariatric Treatment Centers in 2002 and have lost a total of 220 lbs. After losing all that weight, it was time to do something about all of the hanging skin I was left with. Where can I start about Dr. Sayeg. I went to him after having a very bad experience with another plastic surgeon. I hadn’t heard much about him at first, then I did my research and decided to go for a consultation with him. I was expecting him to be rushed and arrogant like all of the other plastic surgeons I had met. He was so pleasant and patient. Not rushed at all. At my first consult, I was positive that I would be pursuing him to fix everything the last plastic surgeon had done. I am so glad I did. I have a tummy tighter than my teenage daughter. I have already had 3 rounds of surgery with him. All 3 times, he was always just a phone call away if I had a concern and if I felt that I really needed to be seen, he always made time to see me. I can go on and on of how highly I think of this man. I wish that I had gone to him from the very beginning. He truly is my hero.