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Strong Appetite Suppressant that tricks the body into pulling energy from fat storages and a stimulant that increase metabolism.  Most common dose given is 37.5 mg but it’s also offered in 30mg or less if patients don’t react well to the higher dose.  The higher dose is also less expensive for clinics so tends to be the favorite – with constant contact and monthly evaluations it’s easy to monitor the patient.  One of the reasons why we won’t prescribe more than one month’s worth of medications.  We also won’t keep patients on Phentermine more than 3 months as our standard of care – patient’s bodies could become tolerant or addicted.  Other clinics only offer phentermine and at time go a full year before cycling off.  Can’t be a one-trick pony in Medical Weight Loss.  So we also offer a Phendimetrazine cycle or transition patients to an HCG diet as described below.